What We Do

We provide Canadian employers with customized, professionally-written policies, procedures, and other documents. Our compliance-systems approach makes it easy for employers to comply with the law, mitigate risk, and engage their employees.

Why Policies Matter

Policies are required by law.  Canadian employers are required to maintain and communicate specific, valid policies. Compliance in the areas of employment, privacy, health and safety, and human rights is mandatory for all employers.

Policies mitigate risk.  Organizations face significant penalties for violating workplace legislation. Officers and directors can be held personally liable. Maintaining and communicating a valid, comprehensive policy book is basic due diligence for every Canadian employer.

Policies drive accountability.  Well-written policies ensure everyone—from executives to front-line employees—understand what matters to the organization.  Policies communicate expectations. Clear, cohesive policies enable high performance and good governance.

Policies support certification.  Policies are required for third-party certifications. Whether its CSA, UL, ISO, or COR, specific policies are required to obtain certification. Policies support competitive strategy.

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