Clear, concise policies. Valid in your province.  Tailored for your organization. All the policies you need: employment, health and safety, operations, privacy, finance, governance.


Procedure documents that integrate with your policies. Your key procedures and processes documented in a consistent, easy to follow format. 

Handbooks / Manuals

Your employee handbook integrated with your policy and procedure documents. Health and safety manual, safe work practices. HR forms. Operational checklists.

Small Business Package

For companies of 10 to 50 employees. Just the absolutely mandatory policies required by legislation. Tailored for your company and priced for your small business.

Implementation Training

Custom training for your owners and executives, managers and supervisors, employees and contractors.

Employee Sign-off

Provincial legislation requires companies to communicate their policies to employees and record their acknowledgement. It's a critical aspect of your policy due diligence.

Document Management

Web-based or local-server document management. Version control of all your compliance documents. Updates done for you, so your documents are always current with local legislation.

Compliance Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring of the compliance environment. Proactive guidance when things change. Your documents updated to assure worry-free compliance.

Live Support

Situations happen. Questions come up. Support for your executives, managers and HR staff. Telephone, text, or email. Provided by a CPHR-certified human resources professional.