Clear, concise policies. Comprehensive and complete. Valid in your province and industry. Policy areas include governance, employment, health and safety, operations, privacy, finance, and information technology.


Procedure documents that integrate with your policies. Your key procedures and processes in a consistent, easy to use format. Employment procedures. General operating procedures. Safe operating procedures. Emergency response procedures.

Handbooks and Manuals

Your handbooks and manuals  integrated with your policy and procedure documents. Employee handbook. Supervisors' handbook. Health and safety manual. Safe work practices manual. Formal hazard assessment documents.

Job Aids

Easy-to-use forms and checklists, ensure consistency across your organization. Paper-and-pencil, PDF-fillable, and web-based forms and checklists.

Legislation Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring of your compliance requirements. Proactive updates as laws change and court decisions are rendered. 


All your compliance resources deployed to the people who will use them. Launch training. Employee sign-off. Paper- or electronic-based deployment. Any document or safety management system. 

COR Certification Bundle

 Everything your organization needs to get COR certified. Health and safety policies, safe operating procedures, emergency procedures, safe work practices, HSE system manuals, forms, checklists, and records. 

COR-certified organizations qualify for reduced WCB premiums. Most importantly: With the COR Certification Bundle, your workplace will be safer.

Small Employer Bundle

For organizations of 2 to 20 employees. Just the core policies and procedures to comply with employment, health and safety, privacy, and human rights laws. Tailored specifically for your small organization. Now every small employer can comply with the law, demonstrate due diligence and engage their employees with professionally-written policy and procedure documents.

Harassment and Violence Compliance Bundle

Harassment and violence are known workplace safety hazards . This bundle gives you everything required to comply with workplace harassment and violence legislation. The bundle includes clear anti-harassment and violence policies, reliable reporting and investigation procedures, and engaging  awareness training for your people.

DMS Implementation Add-On

A document management system (DMS) streamlines policy and procedure deployment, attestation, and maintenance.  For larger employers, and in certain industries, a DMS is practically mandatory.

POLICY PROTEC will configure the DMS you select, upload your policies, procedures, and other compliance resources, and lead the launch of your DMS across your organization.