1. Review


With an NDA in place, I review your existing policies, procedures, handbooks, and other compliance resources.  I listen to you, to deeply understand your goals and concerns regarding your policies. I then prepare a quote that (a) highlights your risks and opportunities and (b) proposes a range of solutions specific to your company. You select the solution that best meets your needs.

2. Create


I lead a project to develop the policies and other resources you select. I provide multiple checkpoints along the way. I work with your in-house experts as needed. All of this ensures the finished policies and other compliance resources are tailored to your organization and people.

3. Communicate


You get the completed policy files in an editable format, ready for use. I orient your management team to the scope and content of your updated policy documents. If you like, I will develop a full launch program for your company and deliver it to your people. Or, I can certify your trainers and provide all the necessary training resources.